Coming in 2019: We Hope

In late 2015, we intended to supplement our terrestrial broadcast signal with a live internet stream of our programming. For reasons too long and boring to get into? Those plans were shelved less than two weeks before we went on the air on November 30, 2015.

Ever since, it has been an ongoing goal to make our signal available, live streaming it via WKRPFM.COM. Various obstacles, both regulatory and technical, had prevented us from doing so during our first three years on the air. but as we reached January 1, 2019, only one obstacle remained:


Broadcasting WKRP's terrestrial signal costs money - most notably for us, payments to three performance rights organizations (PRO's) for the right to air the various music we play here on the station. The costs associated with this are nominal, but due to limited financial support since the station's launch these costs have been borne entirely by our members.

Internet broadcasting, however, is another story - it costs considerably more money, and simply put it's a burden we're unable to bear without increased financial support from either our listeners (through tax deductable contributions, which can be made by clicking here through PayPal or greater support from underwriting partners. Either of these commitments, in consistent form of $100 or more? Gets WKRP's signal online, and helps keep it there.

At some point during 2019, we hope to be able to make internet streaming of our signal available through WKRPFM.COM. But we aren't there yet. If you want to see us stream online? Donate and help make it happen. Otherwise? "Stay tuned."